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We are all well-aware of the various struggles during these difficult times as we manage through the COVID-19 crisis.  While saddened by daily reminders of lives lost and the impact both domestically and internationally, we are gratified to know that we are part of such a strong and supportive community here at HEA.  The spirituality and continued bond of our membership are crucial as we strive to navigate the re-opening process in as safe and compliant a manner as possible.  Below are our outline and vision for moving forward in the upcoming weeks and months as we transition toward normalcy and focusing on how we can best serve this incredible community.

All protocols and guidelines being recommended shall be reviewed on a frequent basis and shall be subject to change pending governmental and legal changes communicated within the state and local municipalities.  If inconsistencies exist between competing governmental guidelines, HEA will abide by the most stringent applicable to the location.

The HEA Reopening Advisory Committee:  Steve Levine, Shelley Lazear, Bruce Likoff, Rebecca Paradis, Joyce Perlmutter, Neal Price, Mark Samuelson, Ken Saliman, Dr. Greg Schwartz, Laura Intfen


  • The safety and health of all our members and the overall community takes priority as we determine reasonable steps for re-opening HEA.
  • Congregants and employees will be encouraged to remain safe at home if there is any concern regarding the protective measures being implemented at HEA or if there is any concern about their personal health.  Congregants and visitors will be asked to refrain from entering the premises if they feel ill.
  • Personal protective equipment such as the wearing of masks and following safe distancing guidelines will be followed in compliance with state and jurisdictional recommendations.
  • While some members are more susceptible than others due to a variety of factors such as age and compromised immune systems, everyone is potentially vulnerable.
  • We will undertake socially accepted protective measures recommended by the medical community and governmental subject matter experts as part of our overall social purpose of helping to minimize the spread so that the health care community and other vital workers are protected and our overall medical systems are not over-run.
  • We will maintain communication with other synagogues and houses of worship throughout the state to ensure that we remain current on best practices that will help expedite our transition in a safe manner.


  • A shut-down plan will be in place to encompass immediate notification of all potentially impacted personnel, facility closure and comprehensive sanitation if a COVID exposure is identified in the facility or on premises.  The plan will include:
    • Notification of potentially exposed individuals as soon as practicable
    • Facility closure in compliance with CDC recommendations (estimated at 72-hours)
    • Sanitation of all exposed areas in accordance with CDC recommendations
  • Re-opening will be conducted in gradual phases with consideration being given for minimizing the inconvenience and maximizing the impact on the following areas:
    • Staff
    • Security
    • Meetings
    • Worship
    • Programming
    • Education, Pre-School and Religious School
  • Committees and Advisory Groups shall be established and report recommendations back to the Board and CEO for consideration on sequential steps for re-opening.  All such groups shall be tasked with balancing CDC and Governmental guidelines and the value and cost of complying with said protocols. 
  • Food will not be served on premises until we can ensure that it can be done in a safe manner and consistent with the timing and procedures set in place for restaurants under state and local guidelines.
  • Presently, the Pre-school has a planned re-opening for mid-June 2020 and the Religious school will remained closed through the summer.   As discussed above, all timelines and recommended action steps are subject to change based on changes in governmentally based guidelines.

PHASE 1:  Instituted May 9, 2020 in accordance with State of Colorado guidelines:

    • No greater than 50% of staff permitted on site at any one time.
    • Social distancing policies enforced resulting in staggered office areas
    • No gatherings of more than 10 permitted.
    • HEA Staff advised to stay home if experiencing potential symptoms such as shortness of breath or dry coughing.
    • HEA Staff required to remain home (quarantine) for at least 14-days if they come in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 or upon returning from traveling out of the state.
    • HEA Staff required to wear face masks when away from their desks or work area.
    • Mail delivery shall continue but employees recommended to wipe down (sanitize) all incoming packages and mail and wash hands immediately.
    • All sanitation and hygiene protocols recommended by CDC are to be followed.
    • Access and Egress shall be through the West entrance at the parking lot level.
    • Prior to arrival for a scheduled appointment, scheduled visitors shall be called by office staff and asked whether they are experiencing any symptoms (see above) or if they have been in contact with anyone.
    • Anyone accessing the buildings shall be provided immediate access to hand sanitizer and a mask in the entranceway.
    • Elevator use shall be limited to two individuals at any time.
      • Designated standing zones shall be marked in the elevator.
      • Hands shall be washed or sanitizer used immediately after using the elevator or opening doors.
    • For scheduled deliveries, a staff person shall wear a mask and meet the delivery driver in an assigned delivery zone.  Any delivered items shall be wiped down and the employee shall wash and/or sanitize their hands prior to accessing the office area.
    • No more than 10-people may congregate at any one time.
    • HEA main building and GYC shall be checked by the HEA security team on a daily basis.
    • All meetings, other than spiritual or operational necessary and scheduled meetings with clergy or office staff shall be held through virtual media until further notice.
    • HEA’s TECH committee shall be responsible for instituting rules regarding Zoom or other virtual meeting access.


    • Office hours will be limited to allow for increased cleaning and sanitation frequency during the day.


      • Funerals and Shiva minyanim protocol will be determined by the Rocky Mountain Rabbinical Council.
      • All other life cycle events shall be conducted virtually under the guidance of HEA Clergy.
        • Due to sanitation and safety concerns, Siddurim are not available for borrowing at this time.


      • Certain end of year programs may be conducted in the parking lot or field areas.
        • Social distancing protocol shall be maintained, and masks shall be worn.
        • Initial phase guidelines shall call for all participants to remain in their vehicles.

Jewish Resources

Some traditional Jewish response in times of community need, and especially in the face of health challenges, are to recite psalms, to learn torah, (with others and on their behalf) and to increase prayer on behalf of others.

MiSheBerach, traditional prayer for healing (MyJewishLearning)

MiSheBerach text, transliteration, translation

Selected Psalms for healing

Fri, May 14 2021 3 Sivan 5781