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In the cycle of life, there are moments of extreme joy and profound sadness. Judaism guides us in framing these moments with meaning and purpose. In the words of Rabbi Perry Netter in his book, "Divorce is a Mitzvah," "Divorce is not about the division of property; it is about the division of lives. And lives are not divided until there is closure, until both partners accept that part of their lives and their history is dead and their marriage is over... The ritual of Jewish divorce choreographs the death of marriage. It is a ritual of termination, of cutting off, of final separation, leading to a process of closure."

Under Jewish law, a marriage validly entered into can be ended only by the death of one of the parties or by a writ of divorce (in Hebrew, a get). A get is a hand-written, legal document that formalizes the divorce. It is issued after a civil divorce is granted and is necessary, under Jewish law, for either party to remarry.

The rabbis of the HEA offer confidential pastoral counseling to help you through marital difficulties and are available to assist you if you are going through a divorce.

>> To schedule a private appointment with one of our rabbis, please contact Debbie LeBauer at 720-390-4435.

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