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Rabbi Dollin’s Retirement FAQs

April 2021 

Q: When does Rabbi Dollin plan to retire?
A: Rabbi Dollin will retire on October 31, 2022.

Q: Why is Rabbi Dollin retiring? 
A: The pandemic has given Rabbi Dollin time to reflect on his life, work, and family. After 35 years in the rabbinate, he is ready to relax, travel, and enjoy life with his wife Tammy and their growing family. 

Q: Has Rabbi Gruenwald expressed an interest in the opportunity to become the next Senior Rabbi? 
A: Rabbi Gruenwald and his family have been beloved members of the HEA community for almost 13 years. He is certainly interested in exploring the board’s vision for the senior rabbi’s role. While at the same time, Rabbi Gruenwald wants to make sure Rabbi Dollin’s legacy is celebrated. 
We will now spend time meeting with Rabbi Gruenwald to better understand his career desires. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we prepare to take on this important decision and begin to think about how the next generation of leadership can serve the HEA community. Please look for additional information soon. 

Q: Will there be a retirement celebration for Rabbi and Tammy? 
A: Absolutely. 2022 will be the 90th anniversary of the Hebrew Educational Alliance. Our 90th anniversary and the Dollin’s legacy is a true celebration in the making. The date of the event will be shared with everyone as soon as we know it. This will truly be something to look forward to as we emerge from the pandemic. 

Q: Will the Dollins remain a part of the HEA community? 
A: Yes! The Dollins will be members of HEA in retirement and look forward to remaining an integral part of our member community. 

Q: Why is there so much change going on at the HEA? 
A: We were blessed with 25 years of continuity with the team of Rabbi Dollin, Cantor Goldstein, and Neal Price. In nearly nine decades, the HEA has had only three senior Rabbis. Very few organizations enjoy that kind of longevity of leadership. Change is inevitable. We are an organization but made of individuals. Retirement after years of service, life circumstances and new opportunities are the reasons we have seen change. We want to share this message clearly as we begin to explore our future congregational leadership; the HEA will continue to provide an engaging and meaningful spiritual home for our members, for this generation and the generations to come. 
Q: Are Rabbi Dollin’s retirement and Cantor Green’s relocation to New York in any way related? 
A: No. While the timing of the news might suggest otherwise, these are two unrelated events. Rabbi Dollin is retiring after a long career, while Cantor Green’s fiancé was matched in a surgical residency program out of state. 

Q: Will the upcoming clergy changes affect any religious services at the HEA? 
A: When HEA moved from the westside to our current building, we developed our foundation in Conservative Judaism. With any transition, we are granted an opportunity to think about how our synagogue will remain relevant and meaningful to our community. While changes to a senior clergy should be expected to have some influence on religious observances, we are committed to preserving the principles and practices of Conservative Judaism. Any changes will come out of a transparent process that involves both congregants and Board members.

Fri, May 14 2021 3 Sivan 5781