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שטר הרשאה

Authorization to Sell Hametz

Note: If possible, all hametz – food not acceptable during Passover, or implements containing such unacceptable food – should be destroyed or given away before the holiday begins. Should this be impractical, the hametz may be stored in such a way that we are sure not to use it during the holiday and its actual ownership is transferred to a non-Jew until the holiday ends. For more information about how to prepare your home for Pesach, download the Rabbinical Assembly’s annual Pesach Guide.

To sell your hametz for Pesach, please complete this online form by Wednesday, April 8, at 9:00 a.m.  

I, the undersigned, fully empower and permit Rabbi Salomon Gruenwald to act in my behalf to sell all hametz possessed by me – knowingly or unknowingly – as defined by Torah and rabbinic law, and to lease all places and items wherein said hametz may be found, especially at the address(es) listed below. This transaction will be in effect for the duration of Passover 5780, which this year begins with sundown on April 8 and runs through nightfall on April 16. 
You can choose to make a donation but it is not mandatory.
Fri, June 5 2020 13 Sivan 5780