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We Are Moving - Yom Kippur 5780

10/31/2019 06:57:13 AM


Rabbi Salomon Gruenwald

“So, did you get a new house?!”

This is what I heard over my shoulder at the crowded supermarket last Friday, as I was rushing to finish my last-minute Shabbat purchases.  I turned around and there was a congregant….

“Rabbi: You didn’t finish the story…!” she said, “It was a lovely sermon you gave at Rosh Hashanah, but...Read more...

The Art of Holy Gathering

10/06/2019 03:03:25 PM


Rabbi Salomon Gruenwald

The floor dropped right out from under me.  That’s not a metaphor… the floor, literally, opened under me. Well, OK… if I’m being literal, it was not the floor: it was the ceiling.

It happened back in February when I crawled into our attic to...Read more...

Rabbi Gruenwald's Blog

07/02/2019 01:42:32 PM


Fri, July 30 2021 21 Av 5781