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Retirement & Aging Meaningfully
A seven-part series: NEXT SESSION MAY 19th 7:00 - 8:30 pm ZOOM & IN-PERSON (HEA library): Register HERE


Please join Shelley Lazear LCSW, a Certified Retirement Coach, and Rabbi Dollin as they bring their expertise and experiences in exploring what Judaism can teach about transitioning into retirement and the essential considerations and emotional preparation for this chapter of life - including the fear of growing older. This seven-part series will examine aspects of the Jewish Life Cycle, Chesed, and Jewish wisdom of “aging and saging.” This course is not about financial planning but about discussing ways of living and thinking that will allow you to flourish during your retirement and aging process. 
The fee for this class is $100. For scholarship consideration, please contact Rabbi Grinsteiner  at

About Shelley Lazear: her career has been dedicated to supporting individuals and couples through their life transitions. She has had the privilege of helping clients take charge of their personal and professional lives by identifying their strengths, creating a vision, and setting goals for how to initiate the change they are looking to achieve. She has extensive experience working with organizations such as school districts, medical organizations, and commercial enterprises providing coaching for supervisors and managers to help them become more effective within their teams. Over the past decade, Shelley has followed a personal interest in adult development and the 3rd stage of life. She is a certified Retirement Coach who understands how a person’s work and career become a fundamental part of who they are as an individual. When a person decides to retire the changes that they will undergo are significant and profound. Shelley’s goal is to help clients develop a strategy to address these changes and gain fulfillment as they go forward in their post-career lives. When not supporting her clients, Shelley enjoys spending time with family, entertaining, and community involvement. 


Cooking with Albert Cohen
Wednesday, May 25th: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM via ZOOM: Register HERE

For those of you who appreciate fine kosher cooking and the impeccable humor of our very own Albert Cohen, this is a course you will not want to miss! Join us this month as Albert shares his recipes and culinary techniques for some of his favorite dishes.



Journey Through the Jewish Holidays
May 31st: 7:00 - 8:30 pm via ZOOM 
Rabbi Gruenwald leads us through the history, theology, traditions, and customs of the  upcoming holidays, and discuss innovative ways to celebrate and honor them. Register HERE



Weekly Classes


Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Gruenwald
Tuesdays at 12:00 pm via ZOOM 
How might lessons and values from the Torah help us as individuals and as a society to thrive in an increasingly fractured and chaotic world? In this ongoing study group, we will explore and discuss the weekly Torah portion (parasha), using traditional and contemporary commentaries. Have a Bible/Humash handy, other texts will be shared on-screen and available for download. Class will meet on Zoom weekly on Tuesdays, 12 noon – 12:45 pm through the end of May 2022. Please feel free to register for any of the sessions. 


Shabbat Musaf Classes
Saturdays at 11:15 am IN-PERSON (HEA library)
A weekly Musaf - Shabbat class led by various rabbis and scholars on the Parasha. Registration not required. Please feel free to attend any of the sessions.


Talmud with David Richman                                    Sundays at 9:30 am via ZOOM
This class learns the tractate of the Talmud known as Berachot, which discusses various aspects of the prayer services. We learn from copies of the pages from the Steinsaltz version, which is printed in the original text with a Hebrew translation in the margin. Although newcomers are welcome, we will be resuming in the middle of Chapter 3 of the tractate. Please feel free to register for any of the sessions.


Beginning Hebrew with Rabbi Grinsteiner
Thursdays at 6:00 - 7:00 pm via ZOOM: 
Register HERE 
This course is for everyone who ever wanted to converse in Hebrew! This 12 lesson series is designed for beginners and will cover basic and entry level Hebrew.  However, the ability to read Hebrew is a prerequisite for the class.  


Torah Trope Spring Session 
Starting May 5th; Thursdays noon to 1:00 pm ZOOM & IN-PERSON (HEA library): Register HERE
Learn to read (leyn) Torah! We will learn about why Torah is read with cantillation (trope), and then learn the trope itself. Each student will learn a short (3-4 verse) aliyah to read at Shabbat morning services in late 2021 or early 2022 (recordings will be provided for studying). 

About Mallory Bustow: she is an experienced Jewish educator who is currently pursuing a Master in Jewish Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary. She has tutored b'nai mitzvah students at the HEA since 2017 and serves as Ritual Coordinator for the congregation, teaching and supporting lay leaders in reading Torah. You will often find Mallory layning (reading from the) Torah on Shabbat mornings. She has learned 5 of the 6 musical systems for cantillation (trope) -- Torah, Haftarah, Esther, Eicha, and High Holiday -- as well as Shirat HaYam, and looks forward to learning Regalim soon. A lifelong member of the HEA, Mallory learned Torah and Haftarah trope from Cantor Marty Goldstein. 


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Thu, May 19 2022 18 Iyyar 5782