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HEAConnect Curriculum

On this page, you will find many different curricula for your small group to learn through. We hope that you begin with the Ask Big Questions series, but there are many more opportunities to learn through the wonderful resources below. This page is evolving, and we intend to continue to add to the resources below.

Ask Big Questions
Ask Big Questions is an initiative of Hillel International as a way to bring the energy of students to a new kind of conversation about life’s Big Questions. What began as student conversations quickly morphed into something bigger when they realized this model would work for diverse participants in every stage of life, not just students.  Big Question conversations support and strengthen civic habits of listening, civility, and engaging diverse perspectives, which are important steps toward better problem solving.

Where do you Feel at Home?
What do we Assume?
How do you Choose who to Vote for?
How do we Disagree?
What Advantages do you Have?
For Whom are we Responsible?
Who is in Your Community?
How do we Connect?
When do you Take a Stand?
How do We Listen?
What helps us Persevere?
Who is in Your Family?
Conversation Guide for Leaders

The Ben Franklin Circles

The Ben Franklin Circles (BFC) is a collaborative project of 92nd Street Y (92Y), the Hoover Institution, and Citizen University. BFC reflects a shared commitment to fostering civic participation, open dialogue, and ethics-based leadership. For more information, on BFC, click HERE

Ben Franklin Circles Toolkit
Ben Franklin Circles Jewish Toolkit
Ben Franklin Meets Pirkei Avot

Death Over Dinner

This adventure began when we learned that 75% of Americans want to die at home, yet only 25% of them do. When we learned that how we end our lives is the most important and costly conversation America is not having. And when we realized that a conversation among loved ones, friends, and even strangers could begin to change these numbers, and bring the conversation about death back into mainstream culture.
Death Over Dinner Video
Death Over Dinner Homepage
Death Over Dinner Library
Death Over Dinner Jewish Edition

m2 - The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education - Value Sparks

Value Sparks are interactive educational resources designed with the signature M² approach: experiential activities using multiple modalities; stimulating values explorations through Jewish texts and ideas; presented in a beautiful, ready-to-use platform.
Each Spark contains multiple activities, exercises and discussion prompts. Use it in full, or choose a small piece to ignite learning (and fun!) among learners, family and friends. Value Sparks

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