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Rabbi's Message


Rabbi Bruce Dollin:

We are all struggling with “shelter- in- place.” We are being asked to stay home except for essential needs, like going food shopping. Even walks around the neighborhood are discouraged as we might pass someone who has the virus. As Americans, we are not used to government restricting gatherings.  It is our constitutional right to congregate peaceably whenever and however we like. We are proud of our freedoms and don’t take public edicts to control our behavior lightly.

We are approaching Passover. In our Sedarim, we recite the path of our people from “avdut l’cherut” which means from slavery to freedom. We are asked to see ourselves as if we went forth from Egypt.  We were slaves in the land of Egypt and God took us out of there with a “strong hand and with an outstretched arm.” God tells us and the entire world that freedom is the natural order of things and tyranny is a societal aberration. Our country is a land of liberty and freedom and it has Divine sanction.

For the Jews, we are freed from slavery. But the story doesn’t end there. We count the 49 days of the Omer until the people of Israel come to Mount Sinai and there, on the holiday of Shavuot, we receive the Torah. When the Children of Israel leave Egypt, we are freed from slavery, but when we come to Sinai, we are free to observe God’s law.  In a sense, we agree to limit our freedoms by observing the way of the Lord. There is no Pesach without Shavuot. We are free from and then we are free to.

In Jewish law, there is nothing more important than human life. We can break any of the commandments to save a life which we call, “pikuah nefesh.” In that sense, limiting our freedom to save human life is not only a good idea, it is a commandment. We must do what we can.

Limiting our freedom in this sense is required of us. If we might save even a single person by staying in our homes for however many months, we are following God’s law. We are losing our freedom from our normal day- to-day life. But we are freely choosing to stay home to keep ourselves and others free from this virus and remain safe and healthy.  
When we tire of being limited to our homes, know that we are being more than just good citizens; we are being good Jews as well.

Let us hope and pray that no more fall ill and God forbid, die. Let us pray that this scourge will be over soon.  In the meantime, stay home and connect to your family, your friends and your synagogue by phone or computer. We will beat this pandemic and we will save lives. 

Please stay safe and call us if you need us.
Rabbi Dollin

Rabbi Dollin 303-246-3411;  Rabbi Grunwald 303-999-5250; Laura Intfen 816-516-6050

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Board Report

 Caron Blanke, VP Life Long Learning:


While the old adage “it is lonely to lead alone” is true, it is not merely for our emotional well-being that we should refrain from leading in isolation. Even our traditions’ most notable leaders quickly learned that building partnerships with those around them would result in a greater return than anything they could do on their own.  As Jethro warns Moses, “That which you are doing is not good” (Exodus 18.17). And as noted in Moses and the Journey to Leadership, Jethro reminds Moses that sharing leadership is what God wants; “It is nothing less than a holy act to share the burden of leadership and empower others.”  As I look at the numerous initiatives moving our congregation forward, I am struck by the dynamic partnerships between our HEA professional and lay leadership.  

CeCe Lowinger and the Cantor Search Committee, together with our rabbis and Laura have contributed an inordinate number of hours towards finding just the right match for our congregation’s musical needs. A newly formed Board committee has been created to support the preschool and is being stewarded by Rachel Sachs as the chairperson and our longtime preschool leaders, Rebecca Paradis and Jamie Lambert. Together with Sherry Grinsteiner, Beth Toth and Stephanie Geller have been hard at work to think about how to create a stronger partnership with religious school families and are in the process of forming a committee to support these efforts. Barbara Carroll was assisted by numerous HEA professionals and volunteers to assemble the hundreds of mishloach manot Purim baskets for congregational families. And one of the most impressive lay-professional partnerships that have most recently served to ensure the HEA’s financial future is that of the finance committee, under the leadership of Sid Methner, which should be commended for their monumental amount of work dedicated to writing and passing our annual budget.

These lay-professional partnerships have enabled us to ensure that critical decisions are grounded in shared values and vision for our future. And, as we engage volunteer stakeholders, we are able to develop broad support that allows our community to grow and thrive.  If you are interested in contributing your time or expertise to our congregation, please be in touch with our CEO, Laura Intfen at 816-516-6050.

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Member Announcements


  • Manny Dworkin, Husband of the Sally (z"l) Dworkin, father of Amy (Jay Fry) Brenman, Barbara (Steve) Feldman, David (Wendy) Dworkin, grandfather of Adam Brenman, Shira (David Tune) Brenman, Ethyn (Monica) Feldman, Talya Feldman, Elyana Feldman Jessica Dworkin, Melissa Dworkin, and great-grandfather of Lexie Kline Feldman.
    Larry Rose, husband of Terrie Rose, father of Elizabeth (Josh) Miskovich, Rebbeca Rose and Max Rose, son of Francene Rose, and grandfather of Hadley and Adeline Miskovich. 
  • Bruce “Bob” Marks, husband of Lilly Marks, father of Lara (Todd) Baker and Deborah (Bradd) Williams, brother of Sandra Marks, and grandfather of Hwitley, Sam and Jackson.
  • Rose Pluss, wife of Julius Pluss, mother of Jane E. (Stan) Rosenbaum, Richard (Annette) Pluss and William (Susan) Pluss, grandmother of seven, and great-grandmother of seven.

Eileen Naiman
Hal Gibbons
Morey Brooks

Zach Silverman, son of David and Leslie Silverman to Taylor Millman, daughter of Lisa and Steve Millman.


  • Elie Shai Linkow, son of Jordan Linkow and Emily Dewey, and grandson of Andy and Ron Linkow.
  • Rachel Abigail Perlman, daughter of Daniel and Meryl Perlman, granddaughter of Jeff and Cheri Cohn and Meade and Marge Perlman. 

Special Birthdays

Ron Bernstein
Don Bobb
Ivan Botvin
Jerrie Dansky
Lou Fishman
Jacob Friedman
Sima Gelman
Barbara Glauser
Barb Goldstein
Jerry Greenberg
Alison Greengard
Jeff Greenstein
Steve Kalat
Lee Kutner
Rael Lipson
Howard Miller
Matt Most
Lisa Ovando
Chad Perlov
Laura Perlov
Keith Porter
Buna Ravdin
Tamara Reese
Beth Rubin
Jason Rudofsky
Roberta Sanders
Ira Sherman
Amy Toltz-Miller
Julie Van Vliet​​​​​​​

Special Anniversaries

Jennifer and Gary Zucker
Raphael and Irina Klebanov
Kevin and Wendy Forman

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Fri, July 30 2021 21 Av 5781