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Mental Health Resources


>>>HEA Mental Health Resource Guide

When you or someone in your family is unwell, the world can seem off-kilter. Any diagnosis can be difficult but when the concerns are emotional in nature, you may find that you have more questions than answers and are not sure where to turn.

When faced with mental illness, social-emotional challenges or other mental health needs either in yourself or a loved one, the whole family can be affected. Many people describe feeling fear, anger, grief, sadness, guilt, and shame. Sometimes people isolate themselves from their friends and their community, not sure how to talk about the profound changes and challenges they are dealing with. It can be a scary and lonely time.

Throughout the course of learning to manage these challenges, you may need the support of your providers, friends, family, and community. As you start to find your way through this difficult time, The Hebrew Educational Alliance wants to be here to help and offer what we can: a community of caring friends, a shoulder to lean on, a warm hug, and a hand ready to reach out to you. Whether it is spiritual support from our clergy, understanding, and tips from other members who have “been there”, or a place of peace surrounded by your community, The HEA community is here for you.

If you would like to be contacted by either Rabbi Dollin or Rabbi Gruenwald please call the HEA office at 303-758-9400.

While no one guide can answer all your questions, we have put together a summary of the information you may find helpful to discover resources and support for you and your family. 

The information in this Resource Guide is offered to members of the Hebrew Educational Alliance community as a reference tool and is intended solely for informational purposes only. The information is of a general nature and is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular individual(s) or as a substitute for the advice, diagnosis, or treatment by qualified mental health professionals or other health care providers. Should you have any health, medical or disability questions or concerns, please consult a physician or other health care professional. While this Resource Guide has been compiled with care from sources reasonably believed to be trustworthy, The Hebrew Educational Alliance does not warrant or make any representations as to the accuracy, completeness or validity of the information contained herein: this Resource Guide is provided without warranties of any kind. Further, the inclusion of any facility, provider, organization or agency in this Resource Guide does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by The Hebrew Educational Alliance. The links to third party websites included in this Resource Guide are provided as a convenience only. The Hebrew Educational Alliance is not responsible for the content or privacy and data collection policies of any linked sites, and it makes no representations and assumes no responsibility regarding the accuracy of materials on such linked sites.


What is The Hebrew Educational Alliance’s Mental Health Initiative?

The Mental Health Initiative at the HEA, in recognition of mental health issues in our community, seeks to advance the Judaic tenet of the unity of body, mind, and spirit through refuat ha-nefesh (health of mind and spirit) along with refuat haguf (health of the body).

The Mental Health Initiative serves our congregational community by increasing awareness, reducing stigma and overcoming barriers to mental health care.

The goals of the initiative are:

* to improve access to mental health services through the development of a resource directory. * to provide informational and educational opportunities for HEA members and staff to reduce the stigma and isolation associated with mental illness. The Information in this Resource Guide is up-to-date and should allow easy access to mental health services in the Denver metro community. It is not meant to be exhaustive but rather an important sampling of reliable services. The Hebrew Educational Alliance is not responsible for the advice or actions of any of the listed resources.

Many thanks to Temple Emanuel, Denver, CO. The resources in this HEA Mental Health Resource Guide come directly from the hard work of Temple Emanuel’s Mental Health Task Force. We are grateful for their generosity and willingness to share information to help all members of the Metro Denver Jewish Community find access to appropriate mental health care. Thanks also to Temple Aliyah, Needham, MA. The folks at Temple Aliyah have graciously shared many forms of information on their Mental Health Initiative, including their Resource Directory which was used as a guide in the creation of this document.

Thu, May 19 2022 18 Iyyar 5782