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For the Love of Judaism

It is the Torah that brings us into the synagogue. It is our education that sends us into the world.
"The more Torah, the more life, the more schooling, the more wisdom.” (Pirke Avot)
Today's Religious School looks very different from the Hebrew School of the past. New approaches, flexible timeframes and innovative teaching and learning methods are all part of this exciting Jewish learning experience.

HEA is proud to offer a modern approach…Hebrew Educational Alliance Ruach & Torah.  

Who we are and Why choose us:

  • Building Jewish COMMUNITY with kids and their families
  • Inspiring kids to practice Jewish VALUES and actively participate in their Judaism
  • Teaching HEBREW and meaningful Jewish content in fun and multi-dimensional ways

What makes us different?

  • An experience that fosters Jewish community beyond religious school
  • A curriculum that reaches kids in the way they learn best
  • Interactions with the dynamic synagogue community and the practice of Tikkun Olam
  • Foster learning about traditions, holidays, mitzvot and our core Jewish values
  • Intergenerational programming and involvement

This Fall, HEART will proudly offer the ShalomLearningTM program for grades Kindergarten through 5th grade. Through the lens of mitzvot and values, HEART will teach and emphasize Jewish identity, pride, prayers, spirituality, Hebrew and a connection to Israel through this engaging curriculum.

HEART Mission
The Hebrew Educational Alliance (HEA) understands that our continuation as a community, as a people, and as a faith, depends on the next generation’s commitment to Judaism. HEART is a vibrant, engaging program tailored to suit the needs of our HEA families and provide a strong Jewish educational foundation. We strive to instill in our children a love and appreciation for everything Jewish. In today’s world we face challenges that demand a wholesome approach to child development. Our goal is to anchor your child’s social, emotional and intellectual growth to Judaism—with the values and ethical living reflected in our traditions.

HEART’s mission is to support your children to build strength of character with compassion and tolerance from Preschool to Chai School and beyond. Our classes and curriculum are designed to promote a sense of pride and belonging in our Jewish community.

HEART Core Curriculum

Our HEART program consists of 5 chambers:  Sunday School (K to 5), Hebrew School (grades 4-6), Mensch Academy (grades 6-7), and HEA Youth Group Programs.  
At HEA your children will find their HEART space. HEART is a vital part of continuing the heartbeat of the essence of Jewish Life through the central tenets of Judaism, sacred clusters of core values and a Heart to Heart intergenerational-shared mission.  We look forward to current and future generations finding their HEART center with HEA.


At the HEART of it All

Rabbi Sherry Grinsteiner

Director of Lifelong Learning 

Rabbi Grinsteiner is a Sabra, born and raised in Israel in a traditional orthodox home and is a veteran of the IDF where she served as an officer of a teaching unit. Hebrew is her first language and she is versed in all aspects of Jewish liturgy and rituals. Rabbi Grinsteiner has over 25 years of experience as a Hebrew and Judaic teacher in various synagogues, schools and Jewish institutions, working with children and adults of all ages. She served as a Program Development Consultant and Lead Teacher with the Mizel Museum, and as the Director of Kohelet Hebrew School in Denver Colorado. She was also a faculty member of the Colorado Agency for Jewish Education, teaching Hebrew, Jewish History and Israeli Literature courses. Rabbi Grinsteiner has been a member of the HEA for eighteen years and was ordained as a Rabbi in January 2021.

Rabbi Grinsteiner expresses her love and commitment for Jewish life and teaching with the excitement she brings to her work. She especially loves engaging with the teachers, and the students and their families, sharing with them the richness of Jewish culture, literature and language. 

Jennifer Zucker

Assistant Director of Education and 
B’nai Mitzvah Coordinator

Jenn holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Miami and recently completed two additional certificates: Project Management (2019) and Event Management (2020).  Jenn has always volunteered within Jewish education and Jewish organizations. Starting as a teen teacher’s aide in religious school, she also taught 1st grade and 8th grade religious classes in Houston, TX and was a constant figure on the HEA Preschool Parent Committee for 8 years and on the Religious School Parent Committee for 10 years.  In 2018, Jenn jumped back into the nonprofit world and ultimately landed again at the HEA on the Education team. A member of the HEA for 20 years, Jenn bakes challah and is the 2006 HEA Sisterhood Kugel Cook-Off winner.

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