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Hebrew School עברית 

The ancient language of our people still unites all Jewish communities all over the world. It is the heart of Jewish worship, and it is central to our HEART. Classes are created based on students’ Hebrew levels and teach basic Hebrew decoding and progress to mastery of prayers, building to the B’nai Mitzvah program.

Grades 4-6
New for 2021-2022 In Person or Virtual Lessons!

  • In Person Classes on Sundays from 12 - 1:15 p.m.  Classes with our HEART teachers will take place immediately following Sunday School and Mensch Academy for students in grades 4 - 6.  Group lessons* by Hebrew level.  Please see the calendar for dates of lessons.  (*minimum of 3 students per level for a class)
  • Private, 1 on 1 Virtual Lessons on Wednesdays from 3:30-7:00 p.m.  Families can opt to have private 30 minute lessons over Zoom with our HEART teachers.  There is an added $150 fee for this option. Please see the calendar of dates for Wednesday lessons.
  • IEP/504Plan Hebrew Class. Families may select a class dedicated for students who have either an IEP or 504 Plan. Judi Marcus will teach both an In Person* class with a maximum of 6 students and also Private, 1 on 1 Virtual lessons. *minimum of 3 students for In Person class.


Values Curriculum:  The ShalomLearning's values-based curriculum explores seven Jewish values and their relevance in our everyday lives. Students will learn to use Jewish sources to make responsible decisions and build positive relationships.

Hebrew Curriculum:  Using the ShalomLearning Hebrew program, we will teach your children to read Hebrew, chant prayers, and understand their meaning. At home, your child can log into the ShalomLearning portal to practice.

Virtual Classroom:  Learning together in a virtual classroom, students will interact with each other in a real-time, teacher-led class. By being able to log in from home (or anywhere), students understand that learning and Judaism happen everywhere, not just in the Religious School.

Click HERE for the ShalomLearning flyer.

HEART Educators

Meet the heart and soul of our program
"As you teach, you learn."  (Jewish proverb)

Rabbi Marlene Richter

A reverse snow-bird, Rabbi Richter moved to Denver in 2007 after living most of my life in South Florida. I retired from a career in Judaic education that included roles as a Religious School Principal and as a Jewish Day School Principal. I love children and keeping them interested in Judaic studies. I've been teaching at the HEA since 2007 as a B'nai Mitzvah tutor and Religious School educator. Additionally, I just completed my Rabbinic ordination in summer 2020.

Judi Marcus

Judi graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a Bachelors in Social Work and a Master in Elementary Education. She has taught at DJDS, Hillel and Denver Public Schools.  In Denver she has been teaching Hebrew school since 1976 and adult Hebrew classes since 1989.  In 2007, Judi started working with HEA students with special needs.  She also started her own business in 2007, Hand-in-Hand, that works with seniors.  

In her free time, Judi makes “blessing” bags for the homeless and indulges in her hobbies of traveling, flower gardening and reading.

Josh Newmark

Originally from Palm Springs, California, Josh’s family moved to Denver in 1997. Long time members of the HEA, he had his bar mitzvah here. Josh earned a bachelor’s degree in English Creative Writing from the University of Colorado-Denver, and because of this, one of his favorite hobbies is to write children’s books and short stories. 

This will be his 14th year teaching religious school at the HEA. Josh has also tutored multiple subjects on for a number of years. He has participated in the Stanley Teacher Prep Program and received a Master’s degree in Elementary Education from Adams State University with an emphasis on Culture and Diversity. Josh also works at the Toyota Landcruiser Club at Coors Field, which allows him to show off his love for sports.  He’s a huge baseball fan!

Shira Reiss

Shira Reiss attended Hebrew University in 1976-77 during the time of the Entebbe rescue and Sadat’s visit to Israel to make peace.  The entire experience had a huge impact on her life. When she returned to Mich State Univ. to complete her studies in the area of Speech and Language Pathology (SLP). She moved to NM and worked as an SLP all over the state that included Indian Pueblos, but also taught Hebrew and Judaic studies at a synagogue. 

In 1988, she moved to NYC to attend Hebrew Union College where she met her husband, and ultimately moved to Colorado in 1992 with her family. She recently retired from Aurora Public Schools as a Speech and Language Pathologist and is happily teaching now at HEA where she can share her love of Judaism and Hebrew.

Sat, September 18 2021 12 Tishrei 5782