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Mensch Academy: The B'nai
Mitzvah Experience at HEA —

First and foremost: MAZEL TOV on your journey to becoming B'nai Mitzvah at the Hebrew Educational Alliance. We look forward to walking with you and your family to and beyond this Simcha!

At HEA, we strive to elevate b'nai mitzvah services into a transformative rite of passage to initiate young adolescents into emerging adulthood, better understanding themselves, their roles in their families, their belonging in the Jewish community, and their purpose in the larger world. Our mission is to partner with families to make mensches out of our children.

We strongly encourage families planning to celebrate their B’nai Mitzvah at HEA to take advantage of the full Mensch Academy program. Through the detailed program we have designed for our families, we think you will find a meaningful and clear process to prepare you and your student best to launch into the world as an emerging Jewish adolescent. 

Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784