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High Holidays at HEA

Elul Message from Rabbi Gruenwald

The Hebrew Educational Alliance has a funny name for a synagogue. That’s because HEA was originally conceived as a school. At the time, the immigrant generation that had settled West Colfax was fractured by ethnic and linguistic differences.  There were dozens of small synagogues, each representing a different region of Europe from whence its members hailed. In 1932, the Beth David Sisterhood united the community under one banner and one goal, to educate their American born children. That is why we are called The Alliance.  

Today, HEA is more diverse than ever. We are a multigenerational community made up of over 750 families.  We come from different Jewish backgrounds (or no Jewish backgrounds). Some of us were born and raised in Denver, and most of us moved here from all over the country and from around the world. We speak multiple languages, come from different ethnic, racial and social backgrounds. We welcome members who identify as men, women, transgender, or non-binary; straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual. We are a community made up of different family configurations, couples with or with children, singles, widowed, divorced, empty-nesters and more. We are born Jewish, chose Judaism, or are non-Jewish members of a Jewish home. We approach Judaism and Jewish community in countless ways: some of us are drawn to worship and ritual, learning, Jewish culture, community, Israeli dance, tikkun olam and social action.  We celebrate together and mourn together, we raise our children and care for our elders. We are seekers and mavens, scholars and novices, cynics and believers.

This year, the theme of our High Holy Days is “Many Paths, One Alliance.” Just as our predecessors brought together a diverse community with a shared goal, our vision today is to be a synagogue for all the many ways our members seek Judaism in their lives. We offer many paths into Jewish values and Jewish practices, myriad ways of expressing our Judaism. Nonetheless we are one Alliance, a community of mutual support and shared experiences. May 5783 be a year of celebrating our coming together after years of pandemic and isolation, made stronger by celebrating our diversity and seeking to know one another in deeper ways.

Elul Message from Rabbi Shulman

The High Holidays usher in a New Year and a season of new beginnings. We each have an opportunity to examine our old habits and invite in new relationships through the process of teshuvah, or holy returning. We ask ourselves, how do we want to show up for ourselves and one another this year?

I am delighted to share my first Rosh Hashanah as a new rabbi at the Hebrew Educational Alliance in partnership with Rabbi Gruenwald, Eitan Kantor, and our amazing staff and community. I commit to showing up with an open heart, open ears, and a warm smile. I commit to learning all about the incredible members of HEA, its history, and its potential. And I commit to leading this congregation in partnership with all of you to become a meaningful and supportive spiritual home for all of us.

I look forward to bringing in a New Year of possibilities with you soon!

High Holiday Information

General Information
If you have any questions concerning the upcoming High Holidays, please call the office at 303/758-9400. Information is also available on our website

Please NO use of cell phones or texting in the building. To assure a comfortable worship experience for all, please refrain from using perfumes and other fragrances. To show respect to the congregation, please do not enter or leave the sanctuary during the Rabbi’s sermon or when the Eitan Kantor enters the sanctuary during Hineni prayer. Ushers will not allow you to enter or leave at these times. It is great to see friends and make new ones, please use the lobby for all your conversations and reunions during worship. 

Traditional Services at the HEA
The Traditional High Holiday Services, as well as Erev Rosh Hashanah and Kol Nidre are held at the Hebrew Educational Alliance, 
3600 South Ivanhoe Street, Denver, CO 80237-1196. 

Seating for the High Holidays is on a first-come, first-served basis. Seats may not be saved in the sanctuary, chapel, or first bay; however, members may save as many seats as necessary in bays two, three, and four. PLUS members will be contacted later in the summer regarding reserved seating.  It is important that anyone who does not have an assigned seat not move any RESERVED SEAT signs. Admission and egress to and from services will be through the designated main sanctuary doors and the pair of social hall doors. These are the only doors to be used.

Once our parking lot fills, proceed to the east side of the building. The empty field on the east side of our property will be marked to accommodate many cars. Parking attendants will show you where to park. Please do not park in front of homes on Ivanhoe or Holly Streets.

Because the HEA strives to be an inclusive community, the Alliance is offering a variety of accommodations to assist our diverse members. For those who are hearing impaired, an Assisted Listening System is available. Also, if you will be using a wheelchair, please let us know so that we can reserve a place for you in the sanctuary. We also have two gender-neutral restrooms in our main building.  If you have accommodation requests, please contact our office at 303/758-9400.

Shir Hadash Services at Bethany Lutheran Church
Shir Hadash Services will be held at Bethany Lutheran Church, 4500 E. Hampden Ave. & Dahlia St.. Bethany is located 0.9 mile west of HEA on Hampden Avenue. Shir Hadash High Holiday Services will be held on both mornings of Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur morning. The enclosed tickets allow you admission to either Traditional services at the HEA or Shir Hadash services at Bethany Lutheran Church. 

Ticket information 
This packet contains two tickets that are valid for all services.  Any members of your household (living in your home) that are under 18 are not required to have tickets.  Due to best practices security procedures, everyone over 18 years of age attending HHD services, at either the HEA or Bethany Church, MUST have a ticket (if a member forgets their ticket, we will have a list of members and ticketed guests for backup). If a non-member does not have a ticket, we will check your ID and provide you with an envelope asking for a “suggested” donation. Once, these steps are taken, guests will be given a ticket. If you are a member and are bringing nonmember guest(s) or need another ticket for a member adult in your household, please contact the main office at 303/758-9400.

HEA PLUS Members Ticket Information  
All PLUS members will be receiving information later this summer regarding reserved seating in the HEA sanctuary. There is no reserved seating at Bethany Church for our Shir Hadash services. 

Health and Safety Protocols
No matter what the diagnosis, if you are not feeling well, or are running a fever, we ask that you remain in the comfort of your home and join us on our Livestream option. All links and directions on how to join us online will be posted on our website at Masks will be optional, but HEA will not be a place for any mask shaming.  Respect each other’s decisions and do not make any person feel “less than” for wearing or not wearing a mask.

Our water fountains will be available for drinks. If you have been directly exposed to someone with COVID, or are experiencing symptoms, please remain home for 5 days following exposure or from the first day you experience symptoms.  It is safest for all if you join us after being fever and symptom-free for at least 24 hours and if you wear a mask upon your return. We will have masks readily available for anyone who wants to wear one. The best defense against getting very sick, hospitalized, or dying from COVID is to get vaccinated. The Reopening Committee and HEA leadership strongly recommend that everyone who is eligible for the vaccinations and boosters get them.

Greeting and Security 
There will be HEA greeters and security volunteers as well as off-duty patrol officers located at each building for all services.  Please listen carefully to any instructions given to you by these hard working people as their goal is to keep us all safe over these Days of Awe. 

Whichever worship service you attend, remember to locate the exit doors as you are seated and if you see anything out of the ordinary, please report it to one of our volunteers, HEA staff members or one of the off duty police officers. Our ever-vigilant online team will be overseeing our live streaming security. 



 High Holiday Tickets for Non-Members, Associate Members, and Visitors who belong to other synagogues. Click HERE



Click HERE to view on YouTube
On your smart TV: "Hebrew Educational Alliance" on YouTube"
On your smartphone or tablet: download the YouTube app and search for "Hebrew Educational Alliance" in the YouTube app.



Click HERE to view on YouTube
On your smart TV: "Play HEA Denver Social Hall Livestream on YouTube"
On your smartphone or tablet: download the YouTube app and search for "HEAdenver Social Hall" in the YouTube app.


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High Holiday Music Class with Eitan
Saturdays after Kiddush, through September 10

Take some time to prepare for the New Year with music and uplifting song and learn the niggunim for the High Holidays.


Sunday, September 25 - Erev Rosh Hashanah
6:00 p.m. Mincha/Ma'ariv, HEA Main Sanctuary
Monday, September 26 - Rosh Hashanah I
9:30 a.m. Traditional (Rabbi Gruenwald leading service), HEA Main Sanctuary
9:30 a.m. Shir Hadash (Rabbi Shulman leading service), Bethany Church
3:00 p.m. Taschlich, Meet at HEA Parking Lot
Tuesday, September 27 - Rosh Hashanah II
9:30 a.m. Traditional (Rabbi Shulman leading service), HEA Main Sanctuary
9:30 a.m. Shir Hadash (Rabbi Gruenwald leading service), Bethany Church
Sunday, October 2 - Community Taschlich Hike
2:00 p.m. Tashlich & Hike, Lair O’The Bear
Tuesday, October 4 - Kol Nidre
6:00 p.m. Mincha/Ma’ariv, HEA Main Sanctuary
Wednesday, October 5 - Yom Kippur
9:30 a.m. Traditional (Rabbi Shulman leading service), HEA Main Sanctuary
9:30 a.m. Shir Hadash (Rabbi Gruenwald leading service), Bethany Church
4:30 p.m. Yom Kippur Healing Service on the HEA Sukkah Pad
5:30 p.m. Mincha, HEA Main Sanctuary     
6:15 p.m. N’eliah, HEA Main Sanctuary
7:15 p.m. Ma'ariv/Shofar, HEA Main Sanctuary 
Sunday, October 9
11:00 a.m. Fall Sukkot Community Festival
Monday, October 10 - Sukkot
9:30 a.m. Sukkot Services
Monday, October 17 - Simchat Torah
9:30 a.m. Shemini Atzeret Services
5:30 p.m. Simchat Torah Family Program
6:30 p.m.  Simchat Torah Community Celebration and Service
Tuesday, October 18 - Simchat Torah
9:30 a.m. Sichat Torah Services


 Registration is required for all youth and family services. Click HERE.

Drop Off Youth Services
High Holiday Drop off children services will take place at Bethany Church on Rosh Hashanah day 1 and Yom Kippur from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. This option will be for ages K-6th grade, and will include an activity, snack and kid-friendly service. Pre-schoolers are welcome to join with their parents. Families are required to register.

*We will not be offering babysitting services this year.

High Holiday Family Experiences

Sunday, September 25 - Erev Rosh Hashanah
4:30 p.m. Family Service, Main Sanctuary
One-hour long apple and honey family experience with PJ Library. Geared for families with children 8 years and under. Siblings welcome. Register HERE

Tuesday, September 27 - Rosh Hashanah II
10:30 a.m. Family Service, Bethany Church
One-hour long family service for families with children of all ages. Register HERE

Tuesday, October 4 - Kol Nidre
4:30 p.m. Family Service, HEA Main Sanctuary
One-hour long Kol Nidre family experience with PJ Library. Geared for families with children 8 years and under. years and under. Siblings welcome. Register HERE

Mon, September 26 2022 1 Tishrei 5783