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Alan Wernz

Mr. Alan Wernz: Mitzvah Man

What an inspiration it is to meet someone who truly embodies a life of gemilut chasadim, acts of loving-kindness. Alan Wernz is just that, a Mitzvah Man. “I can’t stop doing mitzvahs,” Alan reflected in a recent conversation with Rabbi Shulman. “Sometimes, when I am driving to do a mitzvah, I find a mitzvah to do.”

Driving through Denver with Alan, you’ll notice that he regularly delivers meals to the houseless in Denver, drives leftover food from kiddush lunches to shelters, and visits many different Jewish institutions to volunteer across town. For Alan, serving others is both meaningful and spiritual. “I find God doing mitzvot,” Alan shared.

Originally from Brooklyn, Alan has served the Colorado community for the last 50 years. He moved to the state in 1971 to attend the Air Force Academy and immediately fell in love with the people and environment of Colorado. After receiving a Master’s in Social Science and Administration, he worked as a Congressional Auditor. For many years Alan has also supported the local Jewish Film Festival as a reviewer, greeter, and usher. He learned from his mother how to “just say hello and start a conversation.”

Since officially joining the HEA community last year, he has been an active member of the HEA Greeter Team. “My involvement here started from the greeters on – there was more energy in this Temple than I’d ever seen. I just had to do it because I was so struck by the warmth. It was my natural path,” Alan shared. “Throughout my religious life, I have always wanted to help out wherever I can.” 

We are all fortunate that Alan has chosen to help alongside us at HEA through his warmth, his service, and his contagious and humorous spirit.

Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784