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Membership Dues

As a valued HEA member, your ongoing support ensures that our synagogue will continue to provide a meaningful connection to Judaism for you and your family through prayer, simcha celebrations, Jewish holidays, and other community events, and spiritual support during difficult times.

This email provides information about your HEA membership renewal for the 2024 –2025 fiscal year, which began on May 1, 2024 and ends on April 30, 2025.

Here is what to expect when you receive your May billing statement. Please read it in its entirety.

  • Dues were not increased for the 2024-2025 Fiscal Year
  • NOTE: All members are eligible for the 2024 Child Care Contribution Tax Credit with a donation to the 2024 Pathways Campaign, in addition, Plus Members are eligible for the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit for the Preschool Development Fund dues portion of their overall dues
    Please refer to the 2024 Child Care Tax Credit information sheet.
  • Security Assessment of $150 for 2024-2025
    The HEA Security Committee continues to research and recommend ways to increase security for our members.  Outfitting the new Welcome Room with an intercom system and door release button and installing additional cameras and outside metal fencing are just some examples of how your tax-deductible Security Assessment fees will be spent. This is in addition to continuing to provide security during our Shabbat and High Holiday services and at other HEA events. 
  • Previous dues/fee balances
    Outstanding 23/24 Security Assessment and Yizkor Book fees will show up on a separate line on your statements.
  • Scheduled payments for 2023–2024 dues
    These will show up on a separate line on your statement.
  • Prepayments for dues or other transactions
    These will show up with a negative balance on your statement. Please get reach out to Crystal if you have not already indicated how these monies will be applied to your account in the new fiscal year.   
  • Religious School / Preschool dues/fee balances
    These balances will show up on a separate line item on your statement.
    • If you were paying your dues by scheduled credit card payment for 23/24, the scheduled payments will need to be set up again for 24/254. 
    •  The HEA staff is available to assist you with this process, or you may follow the easy steps below .
    • Contact Crystal ( 303-758-9400, ext 208.
    • Dues payments may only be scheduled for up to 12 months (or prorated during the fiscal year) through April 20, 2025.  
    • Payment options:
      Credit card transaction fees will be included in your credit card payment. 
      eChecks DO NOT incur transaction fees.
      • How to set up scheduled dues payments:
        • Log into your ShulCloud account –
        • On the top right of the ShulCloud login page, click on My Account
        • Go to Pay My Bill
        • Click on either Account Balance or Donation for payment type
        • Enter Amount
        • Under Pay This Amount, choose number of payments
        • Under Pay This Amount, choose frequency of payments
        •  Length of payments may be made within a 12 month period (i.e. 2 payments every 6 months; 4 payments every 3 months, etc.)
        • Choose a method of payment (CC, eCheck [follow set-up directions through the Plaid app])
        • IMPORTANT:  When paying outstanding balances, you will be prompted to designate how you wish your payment to be allocated:  Outstanding Dues, Preschool Development Fund portion of dues (if applicable), Fees, etc.  
        • You may add additional notes in the space provided.
Sun, June 23 2024 17 Sivan 5784