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HEA Anniversary Celebration

Since 1932, the HEA has been an innovative Denver Jewish institution. We began as a Modern Orthodox synagogue, with a teaming Talmud Torah, providing Jewish education for all ages. We were one of the first Orthodox shuls to introduce and celebrate bat mitzvah. Over the years, we welcomed both separate (mechitzah) and family seating in our worship. As we recognized our need to move from our roots on the West Side, we became affiliated as a Conservative synagogue with egalitarian services, yet still maintaining our traditions. We brought contemporary nusach with our Shir Hadash services to strengthen our community. Today, we recognize the diversity of our congregation, welcoming all families and members of different Jewish backgrounds. Indeed, we are Hebrew (Jewish), Educational, and an Alliance – a Kehillah Kedoshah

HEA's long-awaited anniversary celebration finally took place on Sunday, March 10. What an incredible evening it was! Our social hall was decorated to look like a mid-century nightclub, where Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack pals would have fit right in. After an incredible pre-show catered by Cohen's Cuisine, we gathered in the Comedy Club/Sanctuary to honor our founding members and recognize the people who volunteered their time and effort to make the evening a success. Our host, Joel Chasnoff, was spot-on and hilarious! People were rolling in the aisles. Well, at least one person was rolling in the aisles. Yes, she was in a wheelchair. 

Not unlike the Passover seder, the goal was to tell our children the story of our community and its origins so that they can carry on our values. The Anniversary committee set out to create the Haggadah of this event. They spoke with the children and grandchildren of HEA’s founders and builders, collecting their recollections in a beautiful tribute book. NOTE: The final Tribute Journal is currently in production and will be available to view by clicking the link below.  

> View the HEA Anniversary Celebration Tribute Journal 



Sun, May 19 2024 11 Iyyar 5784