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Shabbat Club - 

Shabbat Club is a home-based Shabbat group made up of families, couples or singles. Groups will be matched based on similar interests, location and life stages. This series is designed to allow each group to do Shabbat “your way”, with some help from the Shabbat Club toolkit. Included in the toolkit will be everything essential for your Shabbat evening, as well as an activity or discussion prompt and host gift. The toolkit is not a recipe for your experience, rather a foundation for you to build your Shabbat Club. Shabbat Clubs will stay together for at least a year and meet quarterly on assigned dates at rotating host homes.

Rules of Shabbat Club

1. The First Rule of Shabbat Club, You Definitely Talk about Shabbat Club. #ShabbatClub
2. Host family will pick up the Shabbat Club Toolkit at the HEA the week of the quarterly meet up.
3. Shabbat Club dinners can be anything you want, from vegetarian potluck, to formal china, 5 course dinners.
Each family should host at least one time per year, unless other arrangements are made.
4. Dates are flexible within a 2 week window This is your Shabbat Club, do it your way!

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Sun, June 23 2024 17 Sivan 5784