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Shir Hadash

Shiru L'Adonai Shir Hadash  (Includes: Modeh Ani | Baruch She - Amar | Mah Gadlu | Barchu | Ahava Rabbah | Yihiu L'Ratzon Oseh Shalom | Hinei Matov (Abayudaya) | Ein Kelohenu | 
Hashevota | Sanctuary Song)

The Shacharit service begins in the middle of page 147. Note: Melodies used in Shir Hadash are often different than the Traditional service, please consult your tutor or Cantor Green.

Shochen Ad   p.147

Shekein Chovat  p.147

Yishtabach  p.148

Remember: Each Kaddish has a different melody. This one follows the same patterns as the rest of the Shacharit.

Hatzi Kaddish Shacharit  p.148

We turn toward the ark and bow from our hips

Barchu  p.149

Ein K'er'cha  p.150

El Adon has many tunes. Feel free to pick from one of these:

El Adon (Traditional)  p.151

El Adon (Traditional Slow)  p.151

El Adon (Sandler)  p.151

Continue with Nusach on the next page

L'el Asher Shavat  p.152

Kedushah D'Yotzer  p.153

We gather the four corners of our tzitzit together as we say:

Ahavah Rabbah  p.154

Sh'ma & V'ahavta  p.155

We let go of our tzitzit at "ldor vador"

Emet-Tzur Yisrael  p.156-7

Mi Chamocha has many melodies. Choose one of these or use the Nusach in the previous track:

Mi Chamocha (Friedman)  p.158

Mi Chamocha (Singer)  p.158

We stand at the word "kuma" in Tzur Yisrael

Before we begin the Amidah together, take three steps back and three steps forward.

Amidah - Avot and G'vurot  p.159-160

Nekadesh  p.161

We do three little hops on our toes at each "Kadosh"

Az Bekol  p.161

Choose a melody for Mimkomcha or use the Nusach.

Mimkomcha (Nusach-Goldfarb)  p.161

Mimkomcha (Carlebach)  p.161

Mimkomcha (Zim)  p.161

L'dor V'ador  p.161

Kaddish Shalem  p.167

We face the ark as we begin the Torah service

Torah service  p.168

L'cha Adonai  p.171

Before and after your aliyah at the Torah, you say these blessings:

Torah Blessings  p.172

As we lift, wrap and put the Torah back in the ark, we say these prayers:

V'zot Hatorah  p.174

Y'hallelu Hodu  p.183

Etz Chayim  p.184

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